Thoughts of how I view the world.

Friday 19th April 2019 – Diary

Today I’ve been working on my blog and updating it. I have been busy doing this and did not notice my feelings.

I am lonely I wish I had someone with me that loved me for who I am. Normally I would be busy talking to my adopted daughter but she’s not online at the moment. Out of all the people on my list on Facebook there’s no one to talk to. It’s sad that I rely on social media to keep me content but I do not know any other way.

I am avoiding doing necessary tasks like cleaning my flat I don’t want to start but I know I should. I know I will get angry with myself for failing to do this but it seems such a big effort for little reward.

I am going to go to my writers group tonight it’s in the Jailhouse bar, my very first night going to this group was in this place and it took me forever to find it.

How can I win over my negativity? I must remain positive in my way of thinking.


Tuesday 5th March 2019 – Diary
Posted on Tuesday 5th Mar 2019

Trigger Warning:

Tonight I took a faith and courage. This is due to the sexual abuse that I have suffered I find it very difficult to use male only changing areas. I did it.

Not only did I do that but I also did 8 lengths of a swimming pool which for me is a lot of exercise.

I’m also now eating my very first solid food in twenty-eight (28) weeks a banana. I feel proud of myself.