My Coming Out Story

I want to share my coming out story:

Trigger warning:

12 weeks ago I was becoming very suicidal and more depressed. In fact on the 21st of March I saw my local doctor. She was so concerned about how low I was. She asked my psychiatrist to see me urgently.

The following day the 22nd of March I saw my psychiatrist. She was considering admitting me to hospital as I was telling her how I planned to end my life. We also discussed increasing my anti-depressants.

That night I spoke with a Trans woman on Facebook. I spoke for some hours.

I came out. I felt liberated. Suddenly that depression I had built up over 33 years had gone.

As a child I was raped by my mother and father. I was abused in care and I was raped for putting on dresses by the Catholic Priests. “I will show you what it is to be a girl” I didn’t think of it again. I was seven when the priests started doing it. It didn’t stop until I was 15.

I hate and love myself. My half sister was also abusing me from the ages of four to eleven. She was nine years older than me.

Anyhow, I went back to seeing my local doctor who was taken aback by how I was smiling and being happy. This was only four days after my last time I saw her.

I am now off my anti-depressants for the first time in 36 years.

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