May Bank Holiday

Tuesday 7th May 2019 – Diary

Being taken off Facebook in such an adbrupt way has caused me to struggle to know what to do with my time. I also struggled because I didn’t have contact with my daughter for 2 days and that made me feel sad. Just talking with her makes me so happy.

Yesterday Monday, bank holiday I managed to eat 2 bowls of porridge some people might think wow what a big deal. For me it is a massive deal because I didn’t eat properly, practically nothing for 3 weeks.

Today I’m going to a new Buddhist School. I’m excited because my mentor will be there hopefully. I met him 2013 and he introduced me too proper Buddhism were I need to understand the practicalities of Buddhist study. I’m not belittling the Japanese Buddhism that I followed for 19 years. The rituals are important and he taught me why there was certain importance or certain things. I know I like to understand the tiniest detail(s) I am looking forward to this new start. He introduced me to Terevada Buddhism (not sure spelling!)

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