Productive Day, Today Was!

Tuesday 9th April 2019 – Diary

I was very anxious about today as I had a meeting to go to at my local Jobcentre. I had to see my coach about work. Before I went in I did three Nam Myoho Renge Kyo (Sansho) I follow Nichiren Buddhism. It comes from Japan. I have been a Buddhist for nineteen years. I think it is about time that I showed actual proof of my practice.

(When we chant continuously it is called ‘Daimoku’. My prayer was to have dailogue with my job coach. For her to understand my situation. Previous attempts have failed.

It was a very productive meeting she will refer me to somewhere that will hopefully help me.

I then had another meeting which was also very productive and I finally got made insoles for my feet.

I came home and have decided I am going to be happy here. I am living in a one room apartment getting myself use to it. I am on the housing waiting list and I need to get myself use to this cramped conditions.

I then decided to do this website and instead of having many different pages. I now got a couple. I have achieved more than I normally would in a week.

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